Business Law

Born and raised in a entrepreneurial environment, Biagio Bucaro intimately understands how to properly address any business or legal issue that may arise in your business. He is knowledgeable of all legal aspects of business, from forming an appropriately structured entity to dissolution proceedings. His focus has been on small to mid-sized businesses, but he can address issues of any sized business. Restaurants are his primary focus as he has the greatest amount of real world experience in that industry.

He can handle, but is not limited to, the following legal issues:

  • Drafting and Negotiation of Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Contractual Matters
  • Terms and Conditions, Warranty and Privacy Policies
  • Franchise Matters & Litigation (Franchisor & Franchisee)
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Covenants Not to Compete
There are other Business law issues that Biagio Bucaro may be able to assist you with as well.